We are Technology Enablers who are always ahead of the pack, as we are constantly in R&D mode. Our team consist of a full set of multi-disciplinary solution providers from various background; analytics, UI & UX design, research, surveys, data, video, agriculture, sysadmin, gamification (both as a soft skill and game development), edutainment, content, eCommerce and cold chain logistics.

We see through innovative products & services that are easily monetized & productized in this Digital Era. Microsoft Hololens as a frontend to banking online, voice activated vending machine to dispense Wonda Coffee to Machine Learning for sales with smart routing.

WatchUS vision-analytics AI Fall Detection & ambulance-as-a-service, with e-padlocks

Therefore, building future-proof technology solutions for others; is a walk in the park. 5G use cases, agriculture agrotech solutions, smart cities solutions, UAVs for Emergency Rescue and even simple easy-to-use implementations for the aging population.